The Royal Pantheon
(Prasat Phra Thepbidorn)
To the east of the library, is a building with a  prang (Khmer tower) summit, called the Royal Pantheon. It contains life-size statues of previous Chakri kings and is only opened on Chakri Day every year for the public to pay respects to their former sovereigns. The Thai name of the Royal Pantheon, "Prasat Phra Thepbidorn" means "The Shrine of the Celestial Ancestors".
Interior of the Royal Pantheon
The restricted space and gilded walls inside the Royal Pantheon create an overwhelming effect. The statues of the first four Chakri kings are gilded.
Interesting Objects around the Royal Pantheon
Monuments to Former Chakri Kings
On the terrace of the Royal Pantheon are monuments erected for the kings of the Chakri Dynasty. The one at the northwestern corner is  dedicated to King Rama I, Rama II and Rama III, designated by their respective emblems, the upper part of a crown, a garuda holding a naga, and a pavilion. These gilt-bronze emblems were placed inside a throne which was put atop a marble square pillar. Models in bronze of the white and other important elephants of each reign surround its base. At the southwestern corner, a second monument was dedicated to King Rama IV and bears his emblem, a crown, inside a throne. The third one, which was for King Rama V, has a small crown placed on a cushion, inside a throne, and was erected at the southwestern corner of the Royal Pantheon. The base of the second and third monuments were also surrounded with bronze models of the white elephants and other important elephants of each reign.
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